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Every week, I read over a hundred articles around the web to stay up-to-date for my day job as editor of The Wire Science. I’m discerning in my choice of what to read, preferring articles that probe the intersection of science, technology and society, especially through art, creativity, philosophy, historical studies, diplomacy and politics. If I like an article more than the others, I include it in the week’s linklist. I used to tweet them out earlier but I’ve since decided to reduce my Twitter activity.

I write a semi-popular science and skepticism blog. You could sign up there if you wish to receive my posts about science, scicomm and skepticism in your inbox as and when I publish them. But I won’t be publishing the linklist there, so you should just sign up here if you wish receive to just the linklist. In both cases, you’ll get only what I publish – nothing else. Even the linklist will only be a list of links plus one short descriptive paragraph per link, with no other text.

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